Our History

At energypeople, we’re proud of our heritage. We’re employee-owned, staunchly independent and long-established… since 1979, to be exact. We’ve grown from our modestly sized team in the early days to a 30-strong company located at two regional offices in the north and south of the UK.

  • 1970-1975: Founders of energypeople begin careers in Eastern Electricity, then the largest electricity distribution and supply company in the UK.
  • 1996; Following privatisation of the electricity industry, Eastern Electricity expanded internationally and acquired the former international arm of the UK’s electricity industry, delivering projects and making acquisitions in Europe, Asia and the Middle East.
  • 1999: Those who were to become founders of energypeople began working independently in consultancy companies serving the UK and overseas markets, with customers that included Governments, Regulators, generation, transmission and distribution companies, and international funding agencies.
  • 2000: As energypeople, we operated as a niche consultancy for ten years, concentrating on energy sector and government assignments including management development and training.
  • 2010: Consultancies merged under the energypeople brand, bringing together leading providers of engineering and design services to the UK power sector and the established consultancy streams, focusing on power, energy and utilities.
  • 2011: energypeople welcomes more former directors and senior managers with broad UK and international experience, expanding our capabilities as a fully integrated energy sector consultancy. The leadership team includes three chartered engineers a well-qualified finance director and chartered HR professional.
  • 2018: energypeople becomes an employee owned company. While our ownership has changed, our primary focus remains the same – providing quality advisory and design services for the energy sector worldwide.