Keeping Covid secure – Summer 2021

Keeping Covid secure – Summer 2021

In response to Covid-19 and the UK Government’s measures to control it, we quickly adapted to remote working.  This was not so much of an internal change for energypeople – only a proportion of our team are ever in the office, as much of our work has always conducted alongside our customers, at their offices or sites.  However, it was a significant change for our customers and it has been great for us to be part of their WFH transition.

We successfully completed a major project in Oman for APSR remotely (reported in Case Studies) and the project in India (included in News) will be similarly delivered.

With the help of Stane Park, our office providers, we have a Covid-19 safe working environment. This will continue to evolve as Government guidance does; the steady relaxation of restrictions will, we hope, enable us to be together as a team again for more of the time. Like many other organisations, we envisage a hybrid future longer term – part office, part with customer, part working from home.

Even though Government measures are being steadily relaxed, please do not visit our offices without prior discussion with your energypeople contact. If you would like to see a copy of our working arrangements and risk assessment, please email

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