What we do

Our purpose is to deliver innovative engineering, management and technical solutions to public, private and donor organisations in the power sector.

The energypeople team brings together expert knowledge of the UK electricity industry with an understanding of global developments affecting the sector. They command a knowledge of power sector technology, together with the technical, commercial and regulatory matters affecting the efficient performance of generation, transmission and distribution networks businesses.

The Design team based at Colchester – with engineers also outposted to work alongside clients – is focussed on the planning and design of new generation connections to, and the reinforcement and development of, the transmission and distribution network. We provide a full range of supporting services to investors, developers and constructors, including acting as owner’s engineer.

The Advisory team offer a distinctive perspective when working with clients; our people are well qualified and experienced engineers and executives who have managed and operated utilities in both state and private ownership. They have demonstrated a capability to transform and grow power sector businesses. Under their leadership, innovative and cost effective engineering solutions have been delivered. Specific areas of expertise include asset management; regulatory compliance and incentives; investment appraisal; transmission and distribution network design, performance improvement and loss reduction; power system analysis; energy technology/energy systems; benchmarking and business process improvement.


In Design we have the skills and experience to plan, design, model and specify electricity networks and substation installations, including all plant and equipment, to the highest standards of safety, quality, environmental sensitivity and cost effectiveness. We provide solutions that can be trusted; solutions which meet customers’ requirements in terms of price, reliability and resilience. In addition, our team of well qualified engineers has the capability to deliver power engineering solutions in the following areas:


In our advisory practice we have a group of consultants who provide technical, operational and management advice and services to Governments and Government agencies, Regulators, actual and potential investors, as well as to those responsible for leading, managing and operating power sector business. Our team has experience of managing power projects funded by NGOs – including ADB, World Bank, DfID and UNDP. Our team of consultants with hands-on experience can provide solutions in the following areas: