What we do

The energypeople team brings together expert knowledge of the UK electricity industry with an understanding of global developments affecting the sector. They command a knowledge of power sector technology, together with the technical, commercial and regulatory matters affecting the efficient performance of generation, transmission and distribution networks businesses.

Our Design team, based in Colchester – with Engineers also outposted to work alongside our customers – is focussed on the planning and design of new generation connections to, and the reinforcement and development of, the transmission and distribution network. We provide a full range of supporting services to investors, developers and constructors, including acting as owner’s engineer.
The Design team works alongside and gains synergies from our Advisory team, combining expert knowledge of the electricity industry, in-depth understanding of global developments, demonstrable capability in power sector technology, deep intelligence of commercial and regulatory requirements, and unrivalled skills and experience.

The Advisory team offers a distinctive perspective when working with customers; our people are well qualified and experienced Engineers and Executives who have managed and operated utilities in both state and private ownership. They have demonstrated a capability to transform and grow power sector businesses. Under their leadership, innovative and cost-effective engineering solutions have been delivered. Specific areas of expertise include asset management, regulatory compliance and incentives, investment appraisal, transmission and distribution network design, performance improvement and loss reduction, power system analysis, energy technology/energy systems, benchmarking and business process improvement.

Design Services

Our specialist engineers have diverse experience of designing and delivering power engineering solutions from concept through to detailed design. Our designers have worked on a broad range of power projects up to 132kV in the UK and 330kV internationally, on battery storage, wind, EfW, solar, STOR, traditional thermal (coal, gas or nuclear) and load projects.

We have a strong track record of working directly for many of the DNOs and IDNOs across the UK. Many of our senior consultants are from a DNO background, so we have the capabilities and hands-on experience to support you in an owner’s engineer role as well as in asset management and network design. We have advised clients in becoming an IDNO, undertaken operations training, completed competency assessments, and reviewed their operational and design standards.

Advisory Services

In advising utilities, we recognise that customer expectations are rising as economies mature, that in the future the success of an electricity utility will increasingly be judged by its responsiveness to customers’ needs and, when problems arise, that the ‘physical’ fault is rapidly addressed and customers’ complaints are dealt with in a sensitive, appropriate manner.

In our advisory practice we have a group of consultants who provide technical, operational and management advice and services to governments and government agencies, regulators, actual and potential investors, as well as to those responsible for leading, managing and operating power sector business. Our team has experience of managing power projects funded by NGOs – including ADB, World Bank, DfID and UNDP.