We have worked for regulatory authorities and companies in a number of countries and have a thorough understanding of a broad range of regulatory regimes, market set ups and patterns of ownership.

Working alongside and gaining synergies from our Design house, we specialise in the study and design of power networks. Our expansive engineering knowledge is matched by an understanding of the importance of providing customers with a reliable, affordable and available electricity supply that is billed in an accurate and timely manner, and where payment can be made simply, quickly and efficiently.

In advising utilities, we recognise that customer expectations are rising as economies mature, that in the future the success of an electricity utility will increasingly be judged by its responsiveness to customers’ needs and, when problems arise, that the ‘physical’ fault is rapidly addressed and customers’ complaints are dealt with in a sensitive, appropriate manner.

Asset Management and Investment Appraisal

Undertaking a review of the asset management processes and procedures of electricity businesses.

Regulatory Compliance and Incentives

Assessing compliance with regulatory framework(s), reviewing whether regulations and associated codes and instructions are sufficiently understood by organisations.

Network Design, Performance Enhancement and System Loss Reduction

Planning, designing, modelling and specifying transmission and distribution network installations and expansions.

Power System Analysis and Technical Audits

Conducting studies, reviews and audits, and due diligence of power sector organisations and assets for investors and regulatory authorities.

Benchmarking and Business Process Improvement

Offering business planning support to help future-proof your company.

Mission Statement

Our purpose is to deliver innovative engineering, management and technical solutions for public, private and donor organisations in the energy sector.

Values Statement

Our work will be guided by a strong commitment to inclusiveness. We have a talented team which is diverse by all the standard measures but unified by a culture of professionalism and team working, dedicated to technical excellence and capable of providing service which exceeds customers’ expectations.

Vision Statement

Our organisational objectives have two strands. For our clients, we want to be the preferred choice of provider for engineering, management and technical solutions in the power sector. For our people, we want to create an environment in which talented individuals can thrive and enjoy a fulfilling career.
Innovative Solutions

Our purpose is to deliver innovative engineering, management and technical solutions to public, private and donor organisations in the power sector.

Dedicated Team
The energypeople team command vast knowledge of the power sector technology, together with the technical, commercial and regulatory matters affecting the efficient performance of generation, transmission and distribution networks businesses.
Global Reach
The energypeople team is currently providing comprehensive advisory and engineering services on energy matters to public and private sector clients internationally as well as in the UK.
Full Accreditation

energypeople has been awarded full accreditation under the National Electricity Registration Scheme (NERS) for the Design of Electrical Networks. We are also Building Information Modelling (BIM) verified by BSI for design and construction capital delivery, are registered as a supplier on Achilles UVDB and are ISO 9001:2015 certified for quality management.