Regulatory Compliance and Incentives

We will assess your compliance with the regulatory framework(s), reviewing whether regulations and associated codes and instructions are sufficiently well understood by your employees and agents. We can ensure procedures and codes of practice are in place which govern the discharge of your obligations, enabling the performance of service providers to be assessed, analysing and certifying the accuracy of data submitted to regulatory authorities and presenting findings to stakeholders.

We also analyse and value regulatory incentives that can be achieved by investing in energy infrastructure projects for which we’ve confirmed the net positive impact by cost benefit study. By better understanding your incentive possibilities, you can make informed decisions about investing in the network.

Design Services

Our specialist engineers have diverse experience of designing and delivering power engineering solutions from concept through to detailed design. Our designers have worked on a broad range of power projects up to 132kV in the UK and 330kV internationally, on battery storage, wind, EfW, solar, STOR, traditional thermal (coal, gas or nuclear) and load projects.

We have a strong track record of working directly for many of the DNOs and IDNOs across the UK. Many of our senior consultants are from a DNO background, so we have the capabilities and hands-on experience to support you in an owner’s engineer role as well as in asset management and network design. We have advised clients in becoming an IDNO, undertaken operations training, completed competency assessments, and reviewed their operational and design standards.

Advisory Services

In advising utilities, we recognise that customer expectations are rising as economies mature, that in the future the success of an electricity utility will increasingly be judged by its responsiveness to customers’ needs and, when problems arise, that the ‘physical’ fault is rapidly addressed and customers’ complaints are dealt with in a sensitive, appropriate manner.

In our advisory practice we have a group of consultants who provide technical, operational and management advice and services to governments and government agencies, regulators, actual and potential investors, as well as to those responsible for leading, managing and operating power sector business. Our team has experience of managing power projects funded by NGOs – including ADB, World Bank, DfID and UNDP.