We are a long-established, employee-owned independent energy sector consultancy serving the UK and internationally. We help public, private and donor organisations to operate more efficiently, develop better strategies, manage their assets, leverage investment opportunities and plan major projects with positive long-term impacts.

Operating in the energy industry since 1979 and currently based in our Colchester office, or outposted to work alongside our customers, our people provide worldwide coverage of our extensive range of market-leading, cost-effective advisory and design solutions.

The strength of our company lies in our people, their training, qualifications and extensive experience worldwide. The energypeople team was founded by electricity supply industry professionals and now boasts over 500 years of experience of the safe and efficient planning, designing, building, operating and maintaining electricity plant, transmission and distribution networks.

Our Colchester-based team of CAD and specialist power system engineers has diverse expertise in designing and delivering power engineering solutions from concept formulation to detailed design. From simple grid compliance studies through to complete substation design and owner’s engineer support, our design team can support your project either as a standalone solution or a complete design package.

The Advisory team offers a distinctive perspective when working with clients; we’re engineers, managers and consultants with hands-on experience of planning, building, operating and maintaining power businesses. We advise owners, investors and regulators operating in a broad spectrum of market frameworks, regulatory environments and patterns of ownership.

Our more senior people have managed power businesses and worked as consultants, with actual and potential investors, governments and regulatory authorities on the review and evaluation of generation, transmission and distribution businesses.

Using our experience in a variety of these projects, our capability in advising electricity businesses is ‘end to end’, from taking energy from generation (technical advisers to a government agency procuring new capacity), transmission (price control audit and performance assessment) to distribution (due diligence on assets), billing, collection and customer services (audit of customer service standards).